October Lillie Pictures

I found Lillie in my bed one morning, just reading away as the rest of us were going about our day. (Note: She’s reading a book about myths and frauds in the field of archaeology.)

Every morning Lillie eats her breakfast and then Shad sits down to eat his and she moves on for a second breakfast. She sits in Shad’s lap for most meals.

Lillie got a new helmet for her birthday. Here she is trying it out.


Lillie’s childcare fell through one day this month so I just took the day off of work and played with her. We went to the library, had a picnic in the back of our CRV (it was raining), and made chicken noodle soup and apple pie. Here Lillie is trying out her new rolling pin. She loves to bake, but she’s never been able to get that big roller going. She rolled herself a nice tough pie crust.

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