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Treats & Eats

Lillie has now had winer squash, sweet potatoes, pears, peas and apples. She likes them all a lot but she seems to really have a taste for the apples. We feed her at the table while we eat dinner so that she feels like she is a part of the meals. She loves it! Tonight, [...]

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Lillie’s New Hat

Lillie got a new hat from family friends the Strombergs. As you can see, it looks pretty cute on her and she likes to wear it.

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Lillie is 4 months old

Yesterday was Lillie’s 4 month birthday.
To celebrate, Mommy gave her pears.
She’s wonderful. All the work was worth it and we don’t remember a time when we didn’t have her. She’s perfect.

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Lillie on Solid Food

Here’s Lillie trying out a high-chair and Jason and Kristina’s. She had been kind of frustrated when we put her in a reclining chair, she just seemed to want to sit up. We tried out this high-chair an decided she really was ready, so went out and bought one for ourselves. So far Lillie loves [...]

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Water Lillie

Lillie likes to drink from a glass. Of course, the only thing that she drinks is water right now (she is not even on solid food yet) but she loves to do it. She will actually cry when we take the glass away and she really does drink– she doesn’t sputter and choke and drool [...]

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