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Lillie vs Daddy

When you’re a new baby you really can’t do a lot. Moving is pretty hard and you can’t say anything. You have to go where your parents take you and you don’t even get to pick out your own clothes. One thing you can do well though, is poop.
Lillie has discovered this and her favorite [...]

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Baby Lillie

She’s still as cute as ever. I’d love it if she’d sleep through the night and this morning she pooped all over the bed, but even so I can’t get enough of her. Sophie got to feed her a bottle tonight and they both absolutely loved it.

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I’m sorry we’ve been slow posting more pictures of Lillie. School and life in general seems to fill up our days pretty well. Plus we have the first season of Lost on DVD and we can’t stop watching it so that eats up any other free time we have…

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